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Pet Importation

Import procedure for bringing dogs or cats to the Philippines

  1. Apply for an import permit at National Veterinary Quarantine Services (NVQS), Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), email:, Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, by accomplishing the application form or by writing a Letter Request addressed to the BAI Director, with the following information:

    • Species and breed of animal

    • Sex, age and number of animals

    • Expected date of arrival

  2. If the number of animals exceeds five, the quarantine site has to be inspected.

  3. Issuance and inspection fees are P100.00 and P250.00 for the first two head and P300.00 for the succeeding head, respectively.

  4. Permit is good for 2 months; extension for another month may be requested before its expiry date. Payment for extension is P100.00

  5. The dog and the necessary documents including a valid health certificate from the country of origin shall be presented at the Veterinary Quarantine Unit for inspection as well as payment of fees for permits and other necessary fees such as mailing or fax transmittal of Veterinary Quarantine Clearance (VQC)

  6. A Notice of Quarantine shall be issued. The cat and dog shall be subjected to an in-house quarantine for 30 days.

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