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Who can be granted visa and travel to the Philippines  effective 01 August 2020

As of 01 August 2020, the following travelers shall be allowed entry to the Philippines:

  1. Filipinos, and foreign spouse and minor children of Filipinos*

  2. Children with special needs (regardless of age) of Filipinos*

  3. Foreign parent of minor Filipinos*

  4. Foreign parent of children with special needs (regardless of age) of Filipinos*

  5. Accredited foreign government and international organization officials and their dependents*

  6. Foreign airline crew members

  7. Foreign seafarers with 9(c) visa*

  8. Foreign nationals with the following long-term visas:*

    1. Section 13 series Commonwealth Act [CA] 613), as amended, includes:           13 Quota, 13(a), 13(b), 13(c), 13(d), 13(e), 13(g) visas

    2. Republic Act [RA] 7919 visas (granted through the Social Integration Program)

    3. Executive Order [EO] 324 visas

    4. Native Born Visa (based on CA 613, Section 13c [for foreigners born in the Philippines with at least 1 Permanent Resident parent]);

    5. Temporary Resident Visa relative to Sec 13 of CA613, as amended (based on MO No. ADD-01-038/ADD-02-015 [Indian nationals])

    6. MCL-07-021 Permanent Resident Visa based on Section 13(a) of CA 613 under MO No MCL-07-021 [Chinese nationals]

*Upon compliance with following Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) conditions:

  1.  Must have a valid and existing visa at the time of entry;

  2.  Must have pre-booked with an accredited quarantine facility;

  3.  Must have pre-booked COVID-19 testing provider; and,

  4.  Will be subject to the maximum capacity of inbound passengers as set by the COVID-19 National Task Force.

Quarantine Facilities

All travelers arriving in Manila are required to undergo quarantine in a Government approved facility while waiting for the test results.

Travelers are advised to book in advance to avoid inconvenience.

For the full list of Government approved quarantine facilities, go to

Those who wish to get in touch with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration may do so through any of their contacts listed in or visit their official Facebook page END

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